“Birth is an opportunity for spiritual growth and healing.
I believe in holding a loving space for women, to cultivate their intuition,
and help them discover what tools and support are best for their journey
of conscious conception, pregnancy and motherhood.” Paula Mallis

What is a doula?
A doula is an ancient Greek term that translates into “caregiver” or “woman of service” 
and has been used over the past several decades to describe a woman who provides various
non-medical support measures during labor, such as massage, visualization, and meditation.
Whether you have decided to have a home birth, birth center birth or hospital birth, 
a Doula is there to hold space and support the pregnant woman and her unique birth experience.

Benefits of hiring a birth doula–
Hiring a Doula who offers support and guidance can support a woman and her partner 
(if present) through the birthing process regardless of their birth intentions.
No one should have to go through this journey alone. Having an educated and supportive 
Doula that is energetically in alignment with you, can help enhance your labor and birthing experience.

What does a doula provide?
A Doula provides clients with the education and tools to enhance their 
birthing experience by ensuring that their choices are honored, creating a safe and comfortable 
birth environment. A doula can provide hands-on physical support during the labor process,
through massage and other complementary modalities.

Birth Doula Package

At 26 weeks we will begin the journey together as we prepare for the birthing process
and the arrival of your baby. We will meet for a total of two prenatal sessions and one postpartum visit.
These sessions are to educate, provide information and emotional support for you and your partner
(if present) before and during the labor and birthing process. The intention for our time together is for you
(and your partner) to experience being completely supported, heard and nurtured
through your own unique journey into parenthood.

1st Prenatal Session: is a two hour session we will explore your ideals, wishes and desires
for your birth experience. I will guide you and your partner (if present) through a process
that brings forward clarity and understanding of the birthing process.

2nd Birth Prep Session: is a two hour, one on one session that includes educational information 
about the labor and birthing process and reframing the stages of labor. We will discuss your birth plan 
and intentions regardless of how you’ve chosen to birth whether at home, a birth center or hospital.

*Optional appointment to attend one visit with you and your Ob GYN or Midwife.

3rd Postpartum Visit: Postpartum visit will be scheduled within one week after giving birth.
During this visit we will process your birth story and birth experience. We will also discuss how I can offer 
resources and recommendations for other postpartum support you might want or need which
includes a postpartum doula, massage, emotional support, postpartum therapist, lactation consultant.

24 hour support by phone, text and email will be available to you
two weeks prior to your guesstimated due date.

Additional Offerings included
in Birth Doula Package

“My highest intention is to hold a space for women and to be of service
to their physical, emotional and spiritual needs.”

Placenta Encapsulation

Doula Counseling: As a Doula and Birth Worker, I believe that as women we all have the opportunity 
to birth what we are called to bring forth into our lives. In holding a space for the journey
of conscious conception, pregnancy, and motherhood, Doula Counseling offers you support wherever 
you are on your journey in womanhood and motherhood. During our session, I will you guide you 
through a process that will offer a reframe to any fears, judgments or limiting beliefs that may be present. 
By using a blend of my experience as a Doula and my extensive training in receiving a
Master’s in Spiritual Psychology, we will navigate your experiences and challenges together.

Maiden To Mother Gathering: This monthly circle is for women who are pregnant, “maiden” 
and women who have given birth “mother.” As we gather we will be honoring the transition a woman 
goes through on her journey from pregnancy into motherhood by sharing our birth and postpartum stories.

Prenatal Movement + Mediation Group Classes: This weekly offering supports women in preparing 
for birth on the emotional, physical and spiritual level. During this class, you will attune to your feminine 
intuition and connect with your baby. Using a combination of Kundalini yoga, breath, and meditation; 
you will gain the knowledge and tools that help prepare you for labor, birth, and motherhood.

To book a free 15 minute phone conversation or to schedule
a meet and greet please contact

My highest intention is to hold a space for women and to be of service
to their physical, emotional and spiritual needs.