Spiritual Counseling

Private hourly sessions skype / call / in person

As a Doula and Birth Worker my passion is “Birth!” Whether you are birthing a baby, project or a new version of yourself. During our session I will support you, wherever you are on your journey in manifesting your heart felt dreams or a new way of being and relating to yourself.


Maiden to Mother Circle

This circle is for women who are pregnant, “Maiden” and women who have given birth “Mother.” As we gather we will be honoring the transition a woman goes through on her journey from pregnancy into motherhood. We will honor this sacred rite of passage by sharing our experience, wisdom and birth story. Our time together will be held in a safe, non judgmental and loving space. This evening will provide an opportunity to deepen our understanding of our stories and apply a loving reframe to the places within us where we might hold judgment towards ourselves and others. In maintaining this heartfelt and loving space, we will connect and support one another as we travel our own unique journey into motherhood.




Birth Prep / Prenatal Yoga + Meditation

Pregnancy is an important and pivotal time in a woman’s life. This is an opportunity to apply nurturing self-care physically, emotionally and mentally for yourself and your baby. Through movement, visualization and meditative guidance you will feel supported through your pregnancy in preparation for birthing your baby. Blending movement support with modalities as yoga, breath and meditative guidance addresses the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects relating to the birth experience. Birth Prep is available to you at any point during your pregnancy.

This class is for pregnant women or women who want to conceive. During this class you will experience being a part of a supportive and loving space to tune into your feminine intuition and connect with your baby. Through the ancient practice of Kundalini yoga and meditation you will gain the knowledge and tools that will help prepare you for labor, birth and motherhood.


Moon Offerings + Events

The new moon is an opportunity to align ourselves with new beginnings, while the Full Moon is a time of great illumination, culmination and release. During each moon cycle we set intentions and manifest what we all deserve for our highest good. In ancient times women would gather in alignment with the moon phases. These circles of women gathering would offer rituals and ceremonies to nurture, inspire, reflect and heal while acknowledging the wisdom of the feminine.

In modern times we have become disconnected to Mother Earth. This evening is an opportunity to reconnect as women and to ground into feminine strength we all hold inside ourselves. When we share our hearts desires and dreams in this sacred space we uplift and support each other as we travel our own unique journeys.




Blessing Way Ceremony

A Blessing Way arises from a Navajo rite of passage that honors a pregnant woman as she prepares for birth and motherhood.

Together we will co-create a sacred ceremony that aligns with your intentions. Each Blessing Way ceremony is unique and can be fitted to match your own beliefs, culture and traditions. My heartfelt intention is to facilitate and hold space for the pregnant mamma as she receives blessings and healing from all whom are present. If you are interested in this offering you can email me: